Orchard Rd South



Existing house had no visual or functional relationship with the garden. The conservatory was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The house had a galley kitchen, which inhibited social interaction and existing rooms felt cramped and dark.

The solution was creating a new utility room and moving it into the middle of the house, freeing up the south facing elevation. Large hardwood windows and fixed panes were introduced to maximise light, solar gain and views of the garden. Skylights allow light to penetrate deep into the dining space and allow natural ventilation to occur when cooling is required in the summer.

A central fireplace was introduced on the main axis to create a warm focal point to reduce the height between the house and the garden, the floors were dropped. Ceilings were also dropped to emphasise the subtle spatial and functional differences, this was further expressed by the cantilevered glass balcony which floats over the integrated pond.

Refinement in the elevation came from the golden section and the work of Mondrian.